Practice Areas

Banking and Insurance laws

We represent banks and private entities before Debts Recovery Tribunal, Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal and the High Court. We are able to harness our in depth litigation experience before these forums to ensure maximum relief to our clients. While representing private parties, we begin by first identifying all possible legal defences available in the given factual framework. We then advise our clients on the next steps, depending on the stage, pre-litigation or litigation.
We represent banks and insurance companies, and also private parties, before National and State Consumer Commissions. We are well aware of the legal intricacies and keep ourselves up to date with the ever evolving laws in this arena – by way of legislative amendments such as the recent 2020 notification bringing into force sweeping changes, or by way of judicial pronouncements touching upon the basic powers of the adjudicating authorities. We have defended our clients against banks in insolvency proceedings before the National Company Law Tribunal. In some of the cases, the stakes were in hundreds of crores.
We specialize in contesting high-stakes litigations under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (cheque dishonour litigation). We have successfully defended clients in cheque dishonour litigations involving tens of crores of rupees. We are aware of the loopholes and intricacies that are often used by the accused to avoid successful prosecution, and are thus able to avoid common mistakes when prosecuting such cases.