Sinha Mehra and Associates is a full-service legal chamber with offices at Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We advise domain leaders in different industries. The firm is engaged in all manners of legal advisory and litigation.

The firm is headed by seasoned dispute resolution and transactional lawyers, who regularly work alongside business leadership teams to mitigate legal risks and find optimal legal solutions in complex scenarios.

In our interactions with our clients, we discovered that more often than not, clients feel left out of legal proceedings, even though these proceedings may have profound impact on their lives or businesses. Such feelings are fueled by intimidating legal jargon and non-communicative lawyers. To change this mindset, we adopted two ideas. Communication and Responsiveness. These are not just words for us. They are our core beliefs. We keep our clients in the loop at all stages. It is not just the clients that benefit from such regular communication. We, as attorneys, also learn a lot in the process. This only helps us represent our clients more effectively.

We try to keep things simple and brief. Whether it is drafting contracts, or pleadings that are filed in courts – we are able to translate our thoughts and legalities into words, without losing any legal impact, into language that is easy to comprehend, even for the keen layperson. We find that this helps not only our clients, but also opposite counsels and judges, making contract negotiation a simpler exercise, and justice delivery a little less complicated.

Satisfied clients satisfy us.

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