Practice Areas


Our office provides end-to-end GST services including GST health checks and legal due diligence and advisory on erstwhile issues pertaining to VAT/ Sales tax, Service tax, Excise duty and matters relating to Customs duty and foreign trade policy.
Our team litigates tax related disputes right through the quasi-judicial and judicial hierarchy, starting from the Assessing Officer and going up to the Supreme Court of India.
We provide assistance in contract negotiations, contract documentation, and review of government bid documents etc. from a GST optimization perspective.
We advise on classification of goods/ services, valuation methodology, applicability of indirect taxes, admissibility to indirect tax benefits/ exemptions with regard to setting-up, commencement of trading or manufacturing operations in India.
We have expertise preparation of extensively researched legal opinions on various tax issues, structuring of contracts/ transactions in order to optimize tax incidence and formulation of tax efficient business models.